Swelling Tape with Sealing Tape (self-adhesive)

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  • Self-sealing, nonwoven swelling material, consisting of mechanically preprocessed, heat-fixed, fibre-bonded material made of PP fibres and special super-waterabsorbent fibres, UV- stabilised. Geotextile robustness class TL Geok EStB05-3. Self-adhesive swelling tape QVDBK consists of swelling sealing tape (Code: 22.1 QV-DB) manufactured with double-sided adhesive tape on one side.

►Recommended Applications:

  • 16.x QAK/V sealing cushion
  • 21.1 QADK/V sealing cushion for longitudinal or curved expansion joints.
  • 22.4 QV-Seal water-blocking layer, resistant to cuts and burst pressure e.g. when petrolatum-vaseline tapes or old swelling tapes are replaced in the course of refurbishing sealing elements.

Additional information


QAK/V sealing elements are more suitable (WO16) for service entries in buildings, in the areas of FTTH, photovoltaic, wind energy or bio-gas facilities etc.,, QV-Seal water blocking layer are preferable for applications where requirements demand low weight and high resistance to cuts and burst pressure.

Features and Benefits

For on-site recycling of wet sealing cushion, Reusable, after complete drying, Swelling tape sealing tape, self-adhesive (self-healing), Water-absorbent fleece (480 g / m²) swells from 4.2 mm to 9.5 mm, Water-tightness immediately after water contact