Swelling Sealing Tape

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  • Self-sealing, nonwoven swelling material, consisting of mechanically preprocessed, heat-fixed, fibre-bonded material, made of PP fibres and special super-waterabsorbent fibres, UV- stabilised. Geotextile robustness class TL Geok EStB05-3

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Features and Benefits

Does not contain any harmful substances, Grease-free seal, Lightweight: 45% lighter than standard type L Vaseline-petrolatum sealing tape, No unwanted adhesion to surrounding materials, Quick retrosealing, Resistant to notching and impact, Reusable: Can be reused several times after swelling material has thoroughly dried out, Seals immediately against water, dust, smoke and noise, Self-sealing (up to 10 m water column) on contact with water, Vibration-resistant sealing


Microduct sealing, Swelling material, in combination with the QAK/V sealing system (WO16), is specially recommended for use in service entries for FTTH, photovoltaic, wind energy and biogas applications etc.,