Case Studies

Duct Sealing

Reliably seal ducts in the outside plant network with resin sealant and re-inflatable cushion bags

Desiccant Solutions

Remove moisture / humidity cost effectively to improve network reliability

Cabinets Replacement

Replace damaged legacy cabinets with Dexgreen’s shell over solution


Upgrade cabinets with LSA-TL (Tool-less gel-filled modules) for excellent network performance and reliability

Joint Closures

Replace Defective Joint Closures with Dexgreen Maintenance Closures and Dexbond Joint Closure Sealant as part of low cost copper network rehabilitation

Discrete Connectors

Replace corroded legacy connectors with Dexgreen discrete connector product range to improve copper connectivity

Resin Sealant

Reliably seal critical nodes throughout the network with safe, effective, easy to install resin sealants

Aerial Closures

Replace damaged aerial distribution boxes and splice closures to optimize customer copper drop connection

Gel Closures

Replace underground defective joints with gel-filled inline closures to cost-effectively seal underground connections

Test Equipment

Rugged and reliable test equipment accompanied by full support that can be fully tailored to end user requirements