Pre-terminated Cabinets & Cables

1.05 - YQ8B6892 pretailed 100 pair air blocked low res1.05 - YQ8B6894 clow res 200 pair air blocked1.05 - YQ8B6896 300 pair air blocked low res

Issue: Terminating jumpers on cables is a time-consuming process and requires high skill levels. If connections are not correctly installed it will result in disruption to customer service and the carrier will need to send an engineer back to the location of deployment in order to repair the connection. This has two primary disadvantages for the carrer:

  1. Truck roll: it is very expensive to send engineers back out to repair faults; and
  2. Customer dissatisfaction: Disruption to service may result in customers switching to a different service provider

Solution: To address this – Dexgreen has the in-house capability to pre-terminate cables, cabinets and any other network component according to any specification required by the carrier. The key advantages of this solution are:

  1. High Quality Control: Dexgreen’s engineers are trained to the highest standard. Our engineers are fully trained to install all products and the finished products undergo a rigourous quality contol inspection prior to them being sent to the location of deployment.
  2. Quality Control: Each unit produced undergoes rigourous quality assurance inspections prior to it being sent out to the field. A clear audit trail of test results is retained for inspection at all times.
  3. Cost: This is a very cost effective solution to the carrier, as it eliminates the chances of workmanship error and the marginal cost to the carrier for Dexgreen’s labour is very low.