Gel-filled Lead-in Closures


Issue: Overhead and underground cables can become damaged over time as a result of prolonged environmental loading, therefore they become exposed to environmental contamination and moisture leading to faults along the network.

Solution: To address this – Dexgreen has designed a number of gel-filled in-line closures that can accommodate numerous cable sizes from 2 pairs up to 30 pairs. The key features of this product range include:

  1. Easy to install: By virtue of their simple design and sealing mechanism, these closures can be installed quickly operated with low skill levels, resulting in minimal disruption to the customer.
  2. Gel-filling material: Can be tailored to the climatic and environmental conditions of the field of application to provide a superior seal over grease-filled in-line closures.
  3. Versatility: By virtue of their compact size they can be installed in multiple underground and overhead locations, depending on the carriers network architecture requirements.