Cabinet Solutions and Cut-overs

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Issue: Telecommunications network cabinets are exposed to harsh environmental and climatic conditions and are subject to vandalism. In addition to this – as a result of the ever increasing growth in services delivered to customers over the internet – telecommunications cabinets need to be upgraded from time to time.

Solution: To address this – Dexgreen offers cabinet solutions that replace legacy damaged cabinets installed in the telecom network. Multiple cabinet configurations and designs can be offered depending on the network architecture and customers requirements. The key features of this solution include:

  1. Bespoke Solutions and ancilliary components: Dexgreen offers all network components to be installed within the fibre optic or copper cabinet and can partner with the carrier to tailor a bespoke solution depending on the requirements of the carrier.
  2. Key Cabinet solutions include: key solutions offered by Dexgreen include:
  • Cabinet shell-over / cut-over
  • Modular Connectors (LSA-TL)
  • Mounting Columns (LSA-TL)
  • Accessories (LSA-TL)
  • Absorbpole / Dexpole – to absorb all moisture within the cabinet
  • VDSL equipment
  • Fibre Optic components
  • Test equipment
  • Additional components can be supplied upon request