8A – gel filled crimp Connectors

A8a Crimping - 28a Crimping - 5

Issue: Broadband performance suffers as a result of insulation deteriorating when legacy connectors are exposed to moisture for prolonged time periods.

Solution: To address this – Dexgreen has developed a highly reliable gel filled crimp connector that can be installed in all climatic conditions. Key features of this product include:

  1. Gel-filling material The gel-filling within the 8A connector has excellent hydrolytic stablility. This is a measure of moisture protection and the stability of the gel in the presence of water. The gel-filling compound is tailored to the environmental and network conditions of the location of deployment in order to maximise performance. In accordance with BT Specification LN363C, it exceeds 8 weeks for a water submersion test. In addition to this – it has higher oxidative stability, which means it is less susceptible to degradation over time and it is designed not to entrap air and also to resist surface cracking and it has a high drop point (melting point).
  1. Unique IDC Design: Double Blade Design accepts all conductor sizes from 0.4 to 0.9 mm, facilitating the use of just one connector for all applications in the Network. It offers both stain relief and insulation displacement to provide an excellent point of contact to improve transmission IDC Material. The material is Brass & Tin plated, which has excellent transmission and electrical performance.
  1. Composition material: Polypropylene Body material, which performs better over the high and low temperature bands, has high impact resistance and is less susceptible to stress cracking that Polycarbonate connectors. The clear transparent material allows engineers to visually confirm IDC contact when crimping.
  1. Test Accreditation: The connector is independently approved Testing to Telcordia Technologies’ TR-NWT-000979 “Generic Requirements for Wire Connectors”, Issue 1, June 1991 as well as Telcordia Technologies’ Generic Requirements document GR-3111-CORE, “Generic Requirements for Transmission Characteristics for Outside Plant Passive Copper Components” and British Telecom specification LN363C.
  1. Testimonials: Has been used to seal telecommunications networks since 2005 with strong performance track record.