Technical Accreditations

We are an approved vendor for Access Network components with the following telecommunications carriers:

  • Eircom (Ireland)
  • BT Openreach (UK)
  • Telstra (Australia)
  • CYTA (Cyprus)
  • Turk Telekom (Turkey)
  • Telkom Malaysia (Malaysia)
  • We also supply many other communications solutions companies

All our products and solutions supplied to the carriers above are qualified under internal specifications.

Our connectivity solutions are qualified by TUV SUD and Telecordia specification: TR-NWT-000979 Generic Requirements for Wire Connectors, Issue 1, June 1991 and the transmission requirements of Generic Requirements for Transmission Characteristics for Outside Plant Passive Copper Components GR-3111-CORE Issue 1, January 2009. The analysis looks at both gel-filled and unfilled connector products.