Fault Volume Reduction Strategies
Our product portfolio is focussed on providing appropriate products and work processes to reduce the effects of moisture ingress which has a big impact on Fault Volume Reduction strategies within carriers.

Design & Manufacturing
We collaborate with our customers to provide appropriate network products and solutions specific to their needs.

Supply & Distribution
We provide a complete suite of products to cater for all areas of the access network. This allows us to provide competitive unit costs, while also providing better whole life cost savings in build and maintenance of the network. It enables the carrier to consolidate their complete supply base, therefore unlocking cost-savings and provides choice.

Research & Development
Our R&D focus is providing through collaboration with our customers product and process solutions specific for carrier needs. No two carriers are the same and as such we provide bespoke solutions where required.

Training & Development
Ongoing training is critical to improve user compliance. Dexgreen recognises this and therefore we provide training and development to field technicians through multiple media, for example:

1) Detailed documentation and work instructions

2) Installation Videos

3) On-line interactive multimedia training courses

4) Field visits – including workshops and product installation demonstrations

5) QR symbols on product packaging – for ease of access to training materials