Network Intervention

Dexgreen’s core value is to provide products and solutions through collaboration with stakeholders within carriers to deliver a better performing network by understanding and addressing the root cause of faults within the access network.

The objective of carriers is to improve network reliability and reduce faults with existing skill levels and ever reducing maintenance budgets.

Fault volume reduction is about removing hands and moisture from the network.

A key challenge is to provide more user compliant products and appropriate cost-effective work programmes to address known critical defective components.

The aim is to return the network to its original design standard by developing clear policies of work practices benchmarked against successful interventions by other carriers.


Key impacts on the condition of the access network:

  • Why have things not improved?
  • Feedback of all network stakeholders
  • Degree of complication in using the products
  • Fault history
  • What is meant by root cause of faults?
  • Percentage of repeat faults
  • Role of communcation, training and coaching
  • Continuous product testing / improvement


Carrier partnership deliverables by Dexgreen:

  • provide choice and flexibility of appropriate technologies tailored to carrier requirements
  • improve speed to market of appropriate products and network solutions
  • benchmarking of technical and commercial solutions to allow transparency of benefits
  • Independent review of network technology and work practices to offer cost effective network interventions
  • Open pipe testimonials of carriers to provide assurances and reduce risk, this results in a reduced learning curve and increases the speed of implementation
  • Partnership delivers whole life cost savings over a range of other cost centres within the carrier organisation, for example:
    • R&D
    • Work Efficiency
    • Fit for purpose designs
    • Appropriate network interventions
    • And many more…