Fault Volume Reduction

DexGreen’s product solutions are focused on Fault Volume Reduction, DSL Improvement and Legacy Network Rehabilitation. To ensure these solutions are being delivered, our service is focussed on the following areas:

  1. Analysis

DexGreen has dedicated teams that can audit the network condition in order to develop fit-for-purpose product solutions as part of a network repair work programme.


  1. Support

To facilitate implementation of targeted network repair programs we offer additional supports to ensure appropriate quality; productivity and stakeholder involvement are attained. These include:

  1. Continuous Product Improvement based on feedback from users
  2. Subject Matter Experts
  3. Distribution of Media through various channels
  4. Dedicated training programs
  5. Field Visits to re-enforces quality standards and work practices
  6. e-Learning Platform to distribute knowledge


  1. Process

Dexgreen develops and distributes appropriate work practices in conjunction with the carrier to ensure appropriate quality standards and work practices are being attained.


  1. User

Dexgreen offers training and management support through various mechanisms, i.e. e-learning platform, training material and dedicated training teams visiting engineers in the field.


  1. Root cause

Dexgreen proactively offers product solutions for network rehabilitation and upgrade by engaging directly with the carrier.